So aside from the Yearbook getting an F in leaving out people and getting grades wrong, I think it was so beautiful. “Senior Most” was mostly, interesting choices, I knew the choices beforehand, I had to take a picture, but I was still, not too. Thrilled.

I got “Most Athletic” but for some reason some Islanders kept telling me who they thought should of gotten most athletic, everyone had a better idea who should of gotten it but me, but after they would give me their choices, I asked them who they voted for. They would say they voted for me. Then, why are we having this conversation?

Even Mrs. B started with me as soon as I walked in to my indentured servitude for the period. She first said that “When did you play soccer for me?” and I said, “never, it was a mistake, I just wrote soccer”, Then, she went on and said that I shouldn’t have gotten most athletic, and I should of gotten most humorous.  She mentioned how Aplus should have gotten “Most athletic because she played three sports all four years.  That was her only reason, that she played three sports all four years. What does participation have to do with athleticism?

I told Mrs. B. “Okay, but I was voted, so I don’t know.” She only wanted Aplus to get it because she personally liked her. That is cool, but that has nothing to do with seniors voting for their friends. It is not like, a thing you can put on a resume. Unless you actually go and put it on a resume; I continued and said that she played sports all four year, and that really good, but I’m really good at the one sport I did all four years, and I can still go on and be good in college, when  they let me try out.”

She was not hearing that, and she went on and made other suggestions on who should have gotten ‘Most Athletic’ she said she really did not think I was athletic.

I was nodding my head, on the inside I thought, way to dampen something I’m excited about.

In addition, I have seen her all her suggestions in ‘athletic action’ during PE athletics last year.

I realized that she gets star struck by the popular crowd, and I understand I do too; I get star struck on campus, every day. However, there is a huge difference between athletic talent, and athletic participation.

I’m fine with her thinking I am not athletic.

I suck at not trying as hard as I should, and being lazy. But me at lazy would be most at their peak.

It was ok to not pay attention, until lunch, when some of the islanders repeated Mrs. B’s sentiments.

It was frustrating; I did not want to hear it. No other category came into question.

It was nice, the acceptance of the school casting couch choices in yearbook form. That was some of the choices only way, especially for two of the categories.

Like a casting couch, all you have to do is have sex with the director and you get a part you are not prepared for. The producers were not even considering you, just to let you know, but since you blow well, here you go. A part of undeserved history.

For the icing on the top is get an ethic friend that will validate your whinny, insufferable nature.

I did not get upset that my season did not end up the way I wanted it to, because for me, there is always next year.  Wherever I go, there is a next year’s track season. I still have seasons coming up, that makes me extra deserving,

These are not the best years of my life, MtV is making being in high school look fun and sexy, but it is not fun and it is not sexy.   I feel sorry for anyone who thinks high school is the best years of our life. This can’t possibly be it.