Twenty Two: Nervous Swim

We have all made this choice.

Senior swim was good, I was wondering why our focus was on BecD making out with that soft Pokémon in the pool, it was as if they wanted to put on a show. They got an audience, sizeable one too. everyone kept looking, then talking shit about it, but who looked away to truly show their disgust? No one, not a damn person. There was a point I wanted the complaining to stop and say ‘well, they’re providing the entertainment, no one is doing anything’. It was about romantic as a daytime public high school function was going to get, and it proudly is going to be the last. We are graduating and taking all the attractive people with us. (Good luck to the other vanilla classes). But it felt like it was missing something.  As if, everyone was happy to be there, but nervous to be there at the same time.  It was weird.

Aside from that “I want to go home” look on PollyWhineWhine, Kimmy, and FlapTitJack that was amazing, now, that was amazing. Their perceived anguish sustained me for that time by the pool. I was not comfortable with the feeling of nervous, everyone was like in his or her little circle looking around and talking amongst them, it was like there were little warring factions amongst all of us. I am not too hip to know directly, but I can always find out.

I wonder if everyone was nervous to be in some type of swimwear in the daytime. That can be troubling. I wondered why.  Most of us gotten drunk with each other directly, or indirectly, so what’s more to be embarrassed about? There is nothing more we can do to each other that has not already happened in the past four years of going through this high school with each other. I was not into the nervous energy felt around the pool.  Besides, the food is free, so what can possibly be the issue this time?

Another thought I had was that someone had cheated on someone with someone close to that person and all hell has broken loose. It would not be the first or last time something like that happened.  That was more plausible become people who usually would be talking to each other are not speaking to each other  and groups have been seriously divided. That seems like it considering that there has been countless times that no one cares or respects boundaries.

I was randomly thinking about Headmistress at senior swim today.. She can be everything positive and negative; sometimes she is both things and its super insufferable, sometimes. But her skin is much healthier than the people making fun of her, even me. It was seriously glistening in the sun today; it was astounding that someone so ‘in your face like a can of mace’ at times can have such beautiful skin.  She really has a very nice, clear even tone. Good for her, really.