Twenty One: Build Up

Build up


Prom Season, everything I’m hearing about is about prom. Prom this and prom that. I would get upset about it, but I have a date. Therefore, it’s just not upsetting, but suffocating.

Plus, I got my date on a “well who else?”  kind of deal. If T didn’t break up with that girl that looks like Richard “Boner” Sanbone from Growing Pains in the face, she is like a female version of Richard Sabone, from Growing Pains, I want to call that fascinating, but I think I would let the medical field decide if I’m right about that. What is the deal with the new obsession with private schoolgirls around here? It’s like a sudden wave that its cool to know someone that goes to a private school.

That is all fine and dandy to me. But to make them like they are more interesting and better because of the school they go to?  No, their money makes them more interesting and better. Ask any of the boring, rich kids that dwell at the Island. Besides, none of the girls paraded around the parties and gatherings can hold a candle to our most insufferable bishop Don Juan looking sponge maggots at this school. Therefore, they can save the fantasy, maybe the stereotype, that private school girls do everything for little recognition if it is true. Every time I hear a gas up I just think there should be a stagehand around calling out “We need more lipstick for Pumbaa over here” to someone in the makeup department.

Or this can be another example of our very bad personal relations as a school again.

My prom date is a deal, a bad on- for him, but a deal, I felt like I was the winner, because I got my date on sale.  I wish we were sitting at a board meeting. Happened at lunch, He was sad that Boner, from Growing Pains broke up with him just shy of the prom, (or I think we are calling it senior ball, but whatever) and Veronica suggested that we go. I was just standing there, but it was ok’ I was waiting for us to sign on the dotted lines somewhere and have a list of obligations that needed to be met, but nothing happened, and he just walked away.  I think we are going to do the arrangements and stuff tomorrow. On the other hand, I am cool with it.

Speaking of sale deals. . I am surprised that some of the people that are ‘big businesses’ at this school, everyone is in love with them–basically, and they don’t have dates. It is not very early anymore. Prom is, not too far away. A part of me is astounded.  Something is ass backwards about me witnessing four years of certain herds of boys and girls “following their nose”, so to speak, for a particular girl or guy, and that person does not have date! That is weird, I naturally assumed that they gotten dates to senior prom first semester sophomore year.  They actually could be waiting, or have someone that does not go to this school is going to prom with them. Because that cannot be right, the more I think about it. But parts of me think it’s right. They should just choose from the herd that follows them and stop for the day.

PoutyWagon. Can we say, annoying? Can we say annoying some more? She’s annoying! Sorry, and I get that many people like her, and she is one of the people that rule this place with just a cry.  But if I wanted something that was depressing and low on them all the time, I would go see Woody Allen play himself on film. Things cannot be that bad all the time. For so long I wished I was her friend, that I was a part of her crowd, but the more and more I listen to her conversations, I’m just glad we stayed exchanging pleasantries.

It’s fascinating that she’s always down on herself, yet she recognizes her beauty and uses it as a weapon.  Good for her.

I can’t say who has it worse, but all I can say is no one would dare to point and laugh at her and guys are not embarrassed admit to people they have a crush on her. I’m so tired of some people making fun of me during the day, and secretly trying to flirt with me when no one is around. I know that can’t be the case with her, so I guess she can chill out for once. But I can never know what maybe really doing on.

Harems have untruthful emotional distress but loyal social benefits.