Twenty: What To Do

I wonder what Mrs. B was expecting when I was going to be student assistant. I am not “ON” all the time and I do not feel the need to make her 3rd period students wish they never came here. She jokes, I get that she jokes, but why say I am a ‘mean ol senior’? in fact, I would want her not referencing me at all, these are the very few time I should be seen, fetching, and not heard. Very few times. You know my primary job here is to make sure I put away and bring things to her.  The comfortable thing about being a PE secretary is that I do not have to think, I just have to go get it. Here is the thing; I do not care about these students enough to be mean to them. To pay attention is to care, and if you pay attention to it, you care. I don’t pay attention to these people because I do not care. I only care if they are doing something to my friends or me but other than that, I do not care.

I feel bad because if think that the students are all awkward around me now. The other day, I saw one of them, I do not know his name, but oh well. Well, I saw him walking and I waved to him, and he looked at me as if I was having convulsions. But I had to yell hi, and was looking at me like was thinking he saw me on a wanted poster somewhere; it took him a while to waved back. It was weird.

I bombed the test in Mr. Jules class today. I wanted to cheat but then it was going to be too hard, and for someone that is completely aloof to everything, he notices everything. So getting away with it was not going to happen. If I was not so anxious all the time about my grade, I would relax a little bit, but every nook and cranny thing that is happening can be on an upcoming test. He can sneeze one day, and give you a test three weeks later, with one of the questions being “at what time did I sneeze, the hour was at 8 but what the minuets were?”  Then, you’re looking at your daily notes, struggling because you did not write that one down, but you have extensive notes in detailing him adjusting his pants, and time marks of him rolling his eyes to the back of his head while he is formulating a point. Open notes, that’s beginning to be worse than close notes.

I hate his class because he makes learning about history not fun, and usually I like history, it my favorite subject other than PE but it is not fun with Mr. Jules.  Every time we have a topic, I have to write down the topic so I can study it by myself later.  It is another example that he can give us the notes and we can go back and learn it by ourselves. I keep thinking to myself that school should be on the internet.  But one of the major hotties is in my class and looking at him in the morning is great.  I cannot complain, but at the same time, I being reminded that learning anything civic related is not fun in this class.

I think I should have taken sociology this year instead of last year, everyone is taking it this year.  That is giving me envy because all of my friends get to learn together while I am here scrambling in Art. I do not like Art. I should have tried to get into Art History.  Mrs. Chicken Gizzard Neck, (CGN) is so hard when it comes to grading for no reason, she is a high school art teacher, and the only thing I have to day is I guess so. Every line, shape, and mark is crucially looked at. Art is a subjective thing at least that is what I thought. She keeps lecturing that art is a personal experience, but then when it actually comes to making art, she is fucking critical about it. You already have to draw extremely well for her to consider one. what your name is without looking at the seating chart. 2. Giving you anything higher than a B. And once you get a grade on your first project, that’s your grade for all the projects coming up, regardless is skill is mastered or not. And that’s bullshit. She uses this class for people that she likes, and people she does not. In addition, people are different, why make it a standard, not everyone is going to draw or look at art the same, and why can she see that?

The only thing that good in this class is that there is a cute junior and Karen. Karen is hilarious, she makes being in class so much better.  She makes being gat this school so much better.  She is super funny, every day we get in trouble for laughing or talking, but I cannot help it. Karen is one of the coolest people at this school, but she is not stuck up about it, and she is funny. It is nice to know that not everyone that is popular at this school is mean.

The only classes I really like are Break and Lunch. I consider those classes, because you have to go, it is at a set time, and you have to bring your backpack. That is all the requirements for something to be a class. Plus, you are always going to have people that skip.

Speaking of skipping, I was walking home the other day and saw these kids smoking marijuana. I was so disgusted with them, how can you smoke weed? It was like, wow way to ruin your life over drugs, that was stupid, I will never smoke.

Another issue, Sadie’s.   One Island TrainWreck is demanding that Hry Cottie ask him to the dance. He told me to tell her that she needed to ask him.

That was stupid; I do not make or give free publicity. That is not how my role with my friends works. Plus, I don’t give guys I don’t care about gas-up to my friends, or anyone I maybe may have a ‘light lunch ‘with.  Even if I did, that’s going to be hard because Island TrainWreck has no redeeming qualities about him, I can’t find one, maybe other people can, but If I can’t, then I don’t know. I am pretty patient with everyone. Who tells me I need to force my friend to ask him to a dance? Some people at this school are stupid. Some think that I am going to care more about them because I am like a “Tomboy” to them. I am not a tomboy; I just do not care about what I look like to this stupid school.

I was not sure if any of the crewmembers were actually asking guys, because that’s not the case with many of my friends. But I am wondering who is asking who to this dance, like actually. Who is actually asking whom? Second, why would she ask Island TrainWreck? There are 500 other people that are begging for her attention so why him? I am not trying to be mean, but for him to demand something like that, with the way he looks? That sounded crazy.
I told Island TrainWreck that Marsupial was a better fit for him, and maybe Hry Cottie would not be able to go. Not on the looks wise, Marsupial and Island TrainWreck are both ugly in a unique inside and outside way,  but considering that both arrogant opportunists. It would have been a cuter fit.