Nineteen: All together now



Wait, wait, wait, and wait. Just wait. I was listening to something crazy today. Later, I have to just hear her actually say it at the game tonight. I love rumors, but I actually like hearing what the person the rumor is about has to say, or someone that the rumor is close to knows what it may be about, no matter, I just need to hear it from her mouth.

This game had better be worth it on my birthday. I cannot believe that this is holding more importance than I turning 17 am, but you know what, this is a good way to celebrate. After that, I am hoping we can all go out and hang out after this, but I am not going to hold my breath. I wish there was a way to announce it at night, as they did during the day.

BlankStare is trying to get LostEyes to go to homecoming with him. I would pay huge money to see that happen. That is one lonely train going absolutely nowhere. I can’t believe this is still a thing for him so after how many years, he’s still, trying to get him to go with her, I think that sweet and it shows that he has dedication and persistence, but let’s face it, move on. This is actually still a thing to get her to like him. No, it is not going to happen. Just like me getting straight A’s will not happen, it might, but let’s be honest, no I like to watch tv and hang out. I will have to try to English. Fifty-word vocabulary test and that is normal for them. This is awful.

Fall is the reason to join ASB, I’m glad I’m here, but I’m sad about the work I actually have to do. I thought because all my friends, well most of my friends are in ASB, I thought this was going to be easy. then I was told me I had to help, and I think that’s ok… I guess, but why can’t they just tell me when I’m needed and when and then telephone me when I have to know something? School has barely started and I am not finding much motivation to be here, but it’s my last year, Then I can waste time and motivation in college next year.

Next week is homecoming week. MatianFace asked me what I was doing for Pajama day, and I had to correct him and say “Morning Monday”. He was right, it was pajama day, but we decided morning Monday is better, because of Monday and morning, and the two M’s are there. But I said nothing. He went on and said, “Right, you always come like you rolled out of bed”

Yes, yes I do. I didn’t have an argument for him, I just said “yeah” and I stood there, and he stood there too. I don’t know what he was thinking.  Did he think I was going to get into an argument with him? About that? No Half the time, I did actually just come from bed to class.

I don’t make noise with MartianFace because his friends are cute, not that I would say anything to them. I wouldn’t. I didn’t’ care about wrestling, but now I really care about wresting at this school. Like all of a sudden I’m into wresting, and not the wresting like on television when the rock is body-slamming people. But I went to a meet last year and it was like whoa. This is pretty, like I wasn’t complaining, but it was extremely barbaric in a way that I could not take my eyes off it, but it was horrifying. I have to hand it to  MartianFace, he’s wacky, like really annoying, but he’s friends with some of the wrestlers, and wresting is going to be my next field of interest once it starts up again, so I might as well get in good with him to see how I can get in good with some of his friends. But not get goo d with his friends like the way that will end up destroying my friendship with anyone.

Lunch was nice with the singing and the dancing today. Why Kimmy thought it was necessary for him to say something about us being loud and celebratory was outrageous. .  It was so amazing to hear everyone else say that he was somewhat annoying.  We never get to say we collectively not like someone because someone may not know someone or they may have a class with them, so their mind is different.  But to hear all of my friends agree that Kimmy was annoying was the best birthday present ever. Considering he is actually someone’s’ annoying pet, I thought it was as if I got a huge cake with some icing and everyone brought be a birthday present. .

We all gave him a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and continued laughing, dancing, and celebrating.  The look on his face was perfect, the best he did was going a run off to complain to his master, but what was he going to do?  I was actually relishing in his misery.

I thought about it during Art, and while I was coloring, it dawned on me. Kimmy went to go tell on me.

Kimmy wen to report me to his owner. I was thinking to myself what was his owner going to do to me? Was that supposed to scare me or something?

Not to be mean or question why people are so blind when it comes to following, but I don’t understand why everyone is so enamored with JRSibly. He is a talented person and he’s funny. But the rule the school as a world thing as gotten too far, with everyone believing he is the one and only. I think I’m on the outskirt of this opinion, because everyone looks at me like “What the hell are you talking about?” and I’m just looking at them like “I’m just trying to talk”. He has a ponderable following. I have seen this kid destroy friendships because of his penis, and no one is saying anything and no one continues to say anything. Like wow, he is kind of an asshole, and they don’t really seem to notice it at all. There are times that I am surprised that some of the people allow him to talk to them like that, but they smile and nod. Any attention from him is good attention.

And im still in awe of how some are so willing to fall for that, but hear a fake rumor about someone and they run to the bank with it. Let a person treat you however, but blame your friends for telling you you’re dumb as hell for doing that

Today, In Art, I felt like actually coloring today.