Sixteen: Last Homecoming

Charity Work

It is my last homecoming. Last one, and this calls for the time of year where I understand the true meaning of charity work. Not helping others, but helping ourselves feel better about ourselves by making sure we have “that one kid that’s not us” we sacrificed Sharma this year. He’s not us, but we can pretend right? Now, I am sure he’s well liked, a lot of them take AP and honor classes, so that’s where he comes from. Otherwise, I have no idea who he is, I never even seen him in my life. It was like looking at a pony come to school. He looks intense. He has a very intense stare, as if he would have very firm hands. It was really something I cannot describe.

There are a lot of the boys at this school I am noticing have very intense stares. You don’t find the hot stares at the island, but you see them in random guys I never seen before. How long has it been since I looked up it is like every day There’s some weirdly attractive boy with a very intense stare. I’m into it, but how into it should I be? I have to usually wait until track season to see different creatures from schools I never heard of before. I think this should be the new go, to care  less and look up more.

Maybe it is the air or something I wanted to ask ASB. “what are you guys going to come up with next? Because I can’t take it anymore,” I think the school is one big drama department production. And the drama kids are playing us. They are playing us like crazy.  That’s why the drama building is in the middle of the school.

Court is trendy in a weird way. it’s a mix of people that may have the same friends, but don’t actually hang out themselves. it’s like a supermodel that has a gap or a big forehead. For a” regular” person, they would be torn to shreds for their beauty mark, but because that gap or large forehead is on a supermodel, they have to say how exotic and trendy it makes them look. That is cool. It’s the only mix it up ill recognize because last year’s mix it up was a waste of time.

Speaking of court, the other day, Thingling did a quick cry about homecoming being the same people. Was she expecting to get on court? That what I asked, I asked her If it would be considered “different people” if she was on court.  She did not say anything and went on her next point. I think she asked KarK to go to homecoming and he said no. it’s somewhat ridiculous the one of the hottest people at this school is African, and they still say their nonsense about that TucanSam asshole being hot, Not even a little bit. he’s not a loyal person. And why anyone gives him the time of day is beyond me, it’s beyond this world. I don’t know.

Plus There’s neverk

The night rally was nothing like last year.  Last year I witnessed an asshole get body slammed, but that’s not what the deal was with this year. Because this year, is different, there’s a sense of ‘aww, this is the last.  And there’s never going to be a time, where getting together like this is okay unless you’re at college. I wonder what it is like to go to a college homecoming.

The game, was of course. It would have been terrible to lose your homecoming game. So that was expected. What was bullshit was the dance after, when GlitterFuck said “I didn’t recognize you with you looking nice”. I signed loud; I recognized this fucker coming from a mile away because they only talk to me when they wants something. GlitterFuck had the nerve to ask where was the after party was.  I said I did not know.

Blank is so hot for someone so short.

I did not know because I knew where I was going after the dance, but I did not know where GlitterFuck was going after the dance.