Fourteen: Shift

Senior Year


The inside

Racism will die one day.  After humans turn their hate towards the robots, they are now creating. We will rise up together, human flesh with human flesh and rise against the robots we originally created to make our lives easier. Because once there is a new kind of “other” skin, color will be irrelevant. Humans’ band together to hate.

For example, there are friendships right now based on nothing but the collective hate they have for one person.

I am hoping for that day. Because I’m tired of semesters of black phase.  Every other semester. Some degenerate from the Sprit Coalition, is going through a black phase, and I’m looking at them as if I’m saying “Wow that one black friend really has you thinking that you are now black, excellent.”

I can care less, It’s only when these “black tourist” start to question why I talk like a white girl in order to get someone to slap hands with them or laugh. Is when I start to care.  Just because you are shaped like, a treble clef does not mean you are going to hit the note.

When I say, “Hey, so this is the semester you’re black?” before that person can cover up by say “what I meant was”. Kimmy goes on the attack, (99.999999% of the time, I am not even talking to him, but he finds always seems to find him in the positon to ‘tell me off’).  That is not his name, but he acts like such a fucking Kimmy. He is so anal, whiney and annoying. He is more of a pet than a friend, but I can’t tell. They might have a real relationship, but he’s annoying when he tries to make fun of me out loud, then he runs back to his black master  before I get to head check him go test hi , “did I do good? I showed her up real good, didn’t I? My liege” And I look at him, “You did well Kimmy, you did well, now again, is this the semester you decided you want to be black?” I think in life, if you act like a stupid bitch, you should be treated like a stupid bitch. And not only is Kimmy a stupid bitch but he’s an Eminem kid, that’s a fake tough guy that’s actually really upset and whiny all the time, and like Eminem, he only fights with other women, that are not paying him any mind, dust, or attention.  That should tell you where he is emotionally and where he is not mentally.   And when you look at him. Physically, well, if you ask me, let us just say. He’ has a body what these walks and fundraisers are out here for. He is a frail. Just that, a frail; I bet he goes in the mirror and calls himself a fat cow as plunges lunch into the toilet. This makes Kimmy Frail even that just more annoying.

I notice that popularity has turned into casual worship. We are now worshiping people. Instead of trying to be popular. Everyone seems to want to be the most popular person that worships another person. Like they’re striving to get an award for the best worshipper.

I don’t know when or where I was when the mandate was given out that we need to worship these people. But you know Im good off giving unwavering support to people and not causes. I don’t see the need. I am interested in how some of these people fucked their way into ending friendships that had started long before they came in the picture. That’s been happening left and right since last year.

The only ones buying validation are the ones asking for it. Make them pay for what they are asking for. Never buy what they’re trying to sell.  It is already given away free.  Why buy what is already free?


I saw Cro-Magnon and Duckmouth walking.  Who am I kidding, I saw Cro-Magnon’s forehead and thought there was a live projection of mudslides in Malibu, But it was just her heckling off with DuckMouth. Both passed me a look and laughed out as they walked by. And I thought “ok” that’s fine.”

My ability to get boys, is nonexistent, let me start there.  FunHag is sure I’m a lesbian and an alcoholic because I get loaded at parities. Which is stupid, because if she seen what I see at parties, she would be drinking excessively too. I’m just having fun, like going down south to suck dick while flaunting her virginity and her “boyfriend” (BUUUTTTTTTTTT, you know (cough, popularity opportunist, and cough)) seems fun, for her… And with all the lesbians at this school already, I don’t think they need any pretenders messing their shit up as they all fuck the same strumpet.

If someone is everyone’s girlfriend, why keep it just for one. That’s the team’s girlfriend. End of story. Ruining a perfectly good friendship over something that is as accessible as the library no one visits Just like HollowMan is for everyone, and mom, aunt, and grandma, and yet girls are fighting over him. Like why? That is like fighting over air. It is everywhere!  You might as well call what it is, in rhyme form: Come all genders, races, religions or creed, pass the sluts around like batons, indeed.

If someone were to ask me right now to produce my own boyfriend right now, I’d would also fight the air and call it a whore for cheating on me. I have nothing, so nothing is my boyfriend. We have been dating all four years of high school. With some cheating on my behalf for checking out the hotties that plague my fantasies. But the air is everywhere, so it’s been around the block a lot more.

I’ll never get the guys to think I’m pretty but at this point. It is easier to get a lot of them to trust me; nothing has been bringing me more joy than hearing what these assholes really think about the girls they are plugging for fun.

Who needs affection from any of these people when you can have total and complete influence?