Thirteen: Top Copy



IF I had the guts, I would sue many of my fellow classmates for copyright infringement. Why is it when I say something, it’s “[my last name] you’re so crazy, you’re being crazy” and yet, let someone a little more popular than me say the exact, and I mean exact Same thing, and everyone is a laughing riot, while complimenting Mr. Copycat saying  they fresh ideas and this crisp way of looking at life.  What if I said, “Hey, I actually started that” what would be the reaction “what are you talking about?” would be the reaction, and then it would be too long and drawn out to explain myself. And why would I have to explain myself?  Seems…now that is…that’s crazy

What else is crazy? Now that spring is in, school is counting down, and the sun is present. I notice how the friendships are really falling off.

People rather trade friendships for the people that will not last in relationships.  There is a lot of “screw being friends, I rather be liked by him or her”. There is a dissemblance in the crew and the divide is obvious, it is painful and sad, and the backs have turned on our friend. Our friend. I am so at a loss. Why are everyone protecting some girl we do not know, and frankly, I don’t care about. We have allowed our friend to get hurt in this process all to say we can save face and make sure that everyone still likes us I hate it. This was not a thing with us last year, now it is a thing with us this year. It is as if the seniors are always messing with someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend. I do not want us to be like them, but it is looking like we are turning out to be like them…

I’m not into how desperate a lot, I’m not sure what to call them, they’re not really my friends, but a lot of friends of my friends, I don’t know. What I am seeing is that there is excessively much desperation to get some of the other classmen (especially the freshman and the juniors) to like them. There is a lot of tap dancing and singing along in order to get some random freshman or junior to say, “Hey, that person is cool” and for what? What cool points are going to come out of it? Queen of the Island? Are we taking dance royalty to an uncomfortable real time in order to crown the queen and king of the island? Is there land that comes with it? Guarantees to dates for the dances? What is going on with some of these desperates? People are doing more for someone to say, “That’s cool” than they are for their friends.
To be honest, there are very few freshmen that are great to be around, and I can count them on my hand. The others, I am sure there is something great about them. But I don’t really care.  Juniors. I have my friends that are juniors, and that too, I can count on my hand. The others, again, I am sure they have redeeming qualities, but again, it is like when a Jehovah witness comes to the door.  You tell them I’m sure you have great bible time, but I’m going to have to shut my door. While thinking about exercising your second amendment rights.

CCS top 8 is next week.  I know I am going to attend, along with the other talented people on the team.

Cannot say that for a lot of the other talent on the team.

I have CCS top 8 at night, and then Hampton Philips the next Morning.

So does V. but she’s on a different level of track and field. I do not think she knows what it is like to lose a race. I do not think so.  V.  is the one of the best people we have on the team, and I never hear her brag, or talk down to anyone. She goes out there, races, wins, and goes back to hanging and laughing with her friends or watching the other races. Why can’t other people be as cool as she can?

See, the thing is. I know that I’m not that great at long jump, and it’s taking time for me to get a comfortable triple jump rhythm. But I’m still going to CCS top 8. While some boasters and roasters on my team can rest up smoothly for Hampton Philips tomorrow, if they seeded. That is a big IF.

This season has been like hell for me. And the only thing that is going well for me is being invited to compete CCS Top 8. That’s invite only, and it’s not like, you can just go, you have to make your stake early in the season to be asked to go.

The loud, mean, and oily ones on the team have to put on their best street clothes and make their own way their to WATCH the talented bunch highlight their abilities in their events.

I will not win because Mt. Pleasant and Clarmont, those girls win everything, but at least I’m going.


The only thing about Hampton Philips that I am going to like is seeing my friends from I.S.A in San Francisco. I do not get to see them at all; I wish I were driving already. I would go up to see them every day, hang out, and get pizza.

What will be the most exciting about Top 8 and Hampton Philips are the boys from different schools.  That’s the highlight for me when it comes to Hampton Phillips. There are always a lot of cute guys. I wonder how the girls on their teams stand it. I would go crazy if there were too many hot guys on my track team.