There are many people at other schools I wish went to my school.  There are some serious, very serious characters out there in the world. I don’t know either what it is about track and field that brings all these people out, someone is actually into track, or someone is doing track to condition for another sport. And I think that’s crazy, you use one sport to condition for another sport? That is so tough. I want to go out to half of the high jumpers and say. You are too mellow for this life, and the next.  They remain beautiful forever A lot of them are very long, and skinny, and extremely laid back. Like all the stoners in the movies, that rather laid back, everything can be solved by loving” each other” kind of person. I actually like the high jump and hurdles. If I could do that, I would be a hurdler, but it is too hard and I do not feel like that is something you can learn, you have to be born to hurdle. There is a certain something in hurdlers that make them great hurdlers. Even when the hurdlers go to other schools, they’re the only ones that any track meet you go to, they’re the ones who kind of hang out with each other the longest, besides the throwers, but that’s another world to throw There are some throwers that are cute, but they’re nice. Nice people. And I can’t’ stand it.

Sprinters and relay people, they are the most completive. Anyone on the track, any sprinter knows that they’re awesome in many ways. Sprinters are usually the popular multi-sport people at school. You have a following if you are a sprinter.  There are cults of personalities that are in place for the sprinter. You get things done for you when you are a sprinter. I bet that the good sprinters on any team right now can slap their coach, and people would justify the coach being slapped. Sprinters have to know what it is like to believe in yourself, to be a sprinter is to be confident. You have to be confident to be a sprinter, or you won’t be any good.  Even if you are a good sprinter if you have no confidence in yourself, you are no good. I have not heard of an unconfident sprinter. Even if they are not confident, you will never know. All sprinters have a certain flash and glow to them. They need to. Track is nothing without the sprints. Let us be honest. I jump and I come for the sprints, otherwise, what is the point of a track meet? There are more scouts here for sprinters than they are for any other event.

Oh my gosh, Natalie Beck walked past me, and I almost died, she’s so amazing, it was so crazy that she even smiled and said “Hi” it was so crazy that she said hi to me. I was so stunned I had to tell my fellow jumpers, some of the girls went to Monterey with her, and I was in such awe. What is it like to have a celebrity on your team? And they said she acts like everyone else. And I was shocked that she was so chill. I wish I can go up to her and shake her hand, but I can’t do that. I can’t walk up to her. I haven’t done anything worthwhile at track to think I can talk to someone like her. That even popular status in the nation, because she is in the newspapers.  Some of the girls act as if they are celebrities on the team, and that could not have been further from the truth. But everyone needs to feel a little hometown charm.

I love us jumpers, but we kind of weird people. But what I like most about jumping is how easy it is to make friends from different schools. And unlike the other girls in the other events. Jumpers are the nicest people boys and girls.  I have been kind of having a hard time right now and the jumpers have always been nice.  Some of the jumpers are bitches, but we all know some bitches.

I also like jumpers from other schools the best because they’re funny. the jumpers from Independence are hilarious, and I wish they came to my school,.

Some are just no good. There are many people that should know they are no good, and they should not be anywhere near a track, if you ask me.

Distance is gurgling, but it is forgiving in a way because it is understood without expressing that it is grueling. And you’re’ able to pace out how much you want use your energy, but use it wisely, trust me, there are people on distance teams that are pacing themselves at sucking, some track meets end up being longer because someone is still running

And I think it is weird when we cheer on the very last, last, last, last, distance person. Like the distance person that has finished 20 minutes after everyone else is finished. Why are we cheering for them? I see why, to tell them to never give up on your dreams, but it is like highlighting them in a way that says.  “Good job, you finally made it to the finish line, now, some of the students have already graduated and moved away for college, some of them are now married, but you did it, you finished running, finally”. You can do that with distance.

Some of the distance people are the rich kids or the overachievers are and they do not know or care about personal space when they impose their overwhelming personalities, or means of escaping their parent’s overwhelming personalities on their other team. They are the type to claim they are going to call their lawyer. Some distance people are cool. Like the ones who are soccer players. They are super cool
Everyone on the distance team on the team here at OG are very nice even and most of them are overachievers, they’re not in your face about it. Like Randy, he’s an overachiever and he runs distance, but he’s nice and he’s fun to hang out with, he’s my friend. it’s just what the other jumpers from other schools tell me, but it seems to be true. None of our distance people is rude…that I know of, but distance people may have distance people’s drama. Like we have the sprinters and their drama.

There are some of the schools, I wonder about. I wonder about some of the towns these schools are in. Like what is it like to go to the mall in their town. Like what is Greenfield and Palma like? Palma has a big time football school, so I wonder if they really good players are nice or are they assholes like some of the players on our team? And Greenfield, they all look so big and meaty. I wonder if they all workout together before and after school.

Some of the schools need to quit it. Seriously, some of the people on some of these team suck. But they have that one stand out. That one stand out is getting the team so much press that it’s crazy. That one stands out.

I notice all the kids from the schools down in Santa Cruz all hang out and mix with each other. Like someone from Harbor, may be hanging out with someone from Santa Cruz High school, with someone from San Lorenzo Valley hanging in there too. I wonder what it’s like to go to a school by the beach. I wonder if they have beach drama. Drama only understood by people who live around the beach. I do not know what kind of personal drama we have around here. Other than stealing boyfriends and girlfriends, but what would I know about that? Other than, what everyone is and is not telling me.

You know, I am no threat to anyone’s boyfriend, or some girlfriends, so who cares what I hear or think.

It was a little weird. I think he was joking, but some jumper from Westmont said that I had nice legs. I was looking at him for the punch line, or if he was going to finish his joke. I was a little disgusted because why was he looking, there’s nothing there for him. I thought it was weird. But the girls from prospect told me that is what boys do. I have seen it with my eyes but I have never experienced it with my brain. I was in my track uniform so it was a little inappropriate. But he was a senior, so I guess it’s his time of the month. He was usually really nice. I guess when the change it’s you it hits you hard. But it was nice to have the understanding. If that was at my school, I would of felt bad for him because he would have been laughed and jeered out of Santa Clara County for saying something aloud to me like that. Complimenting. Not like how you complement a sandwich with soda or a friend’s nice clothes, but it is what guys and girls do. It is seem like a dangerous game. But I guess

He felt good that day. He gave all of us “compliments” So it was good that it was even. I would have tried to give mine away.