Hi, School extra #2: Up There

another extra, that one time a guy was on the roof.


[I didn’t write the date]


There was a boy ready to jump from the roof.

Lunch was great, finally. No one was trash talking anyone, we all came together.

I was walking slowly, and was thrown out the way by one of the seniors, at first I was going to ask her to say excuse me next time. Actually, I was just going to stand there and be mad, I wasn’t’ going to say anything.. Then I saw a whole heard of students rush the drama building. There was a boy up there. At first, I thought he was resisting something, I was ready for him to say ‘down with meat’ or something, or was protesting his grades. Apparently Sarah, (the senior, not our friend Sarah) drove him off the deep end. He was ready to jump because she did something to him. I don’t know I heard 40 stories why he was up there and I all of them are can be true.

I wondered if this was the same guy I heard Sarah call crazy when she teacher aide for Miss Preston.  If it is the same person, then I wonder why she would be with someone crazy.  Or did he start being crazy and that freaked her out. Then again, I saw Sarah was flirting with Harvest the other day, and i thought that maybe she liked crazy people, because she was all giddy over him. She told Miss Preston Harvest lies all the time, so why would she get with a liar?. I do not know. I do not know her well enough to ask, but I know her well enough to know her business.

Well, this guy was ready to jump off the drama building I thought that was a little dramatic and a little ironic that he was dramatically looking to end his life on top of the drama building.  But he was up there. My first reaction was to go find Sarah and look at her facial expressions, but I did not see her. I gave up and tried to find the crew.   Many students were chanting “jump, jump, jump” And Mr. Black could not have had a worse day than that.  All the administrators were scrambling around trying to figure out what to do with us rowdies on the bottom and this crazy person on the top. Mr. Black looked like the stressful mothers I see at Safeway sometimes with their gang of children. I did feel sorry for Mr. Black he was trying his hardest to keep the crowd under control, with the rented school security guards.

Mr. Black is always preaching about school spirit, and the impending death of this boy was going to make us come together in spirit for his spirit. If he jumped, he would have had many pages in the yearbook dedicated just to him.

I gathered with the Jhova Crew. We all looked at this kid walk back and forth on top of the drama building, Jhova CrewMember made a good point, if he was going to do it, he would of done it by now, and I thought she was right. But why would he kill himself over a girl at this school? Why kill yourself over anyone at this school? This is Oak Grove.  A lot of the girls are pretty, but a very few of them are nice.  He is willing to kill himself over some that is pretty but probably mean. That makes no sense.  I can see it being life over feeling.  But guys have it easier than girls So anyone would get with him while not a lot of guys would get with a girl. I think that is true. Maybe, I don’t know.

I saw on Mtv that high school is the best years of your life, and I wondered when that started to be true, because it’s hasn’t been true yet, maybe when I’m a senior, but looking at the seniors now, they look miserable. I don’t know when high school is supposed to be the best time of my life. And this can’t possibly be this guy on the roof’s best year of his life, this is a dark moment in his life. On the roof as his schoolmates are chanting for him to jump.

If he jumped, would we all cheer or scream? I think it would of been both.

The rented cops brought him down, or someone in a white shirt.  And the he was carted off somewhat in secrecy just in time for class, well I just stopped paying attention after the bell rang.  I went to class, and we didn’t care about class, everyone was lit about about the boy threatening suicide.  He didn’t jump,so he’s pretty much done at this school..  There was a sense of disappointment I was disappointed.

I wanted him to jump because the school would be on the news.