Ten: Nothing Much


Well, that did not last long, but track season is coming, or it is almost here.  I feel somewhat zoned away from it, but it is going to be fun, this is going to be fun… I’ll keep telling myself that it’s going to be fun.

So I had a hard time concentrating today at school, it was just hard to think today. I had heard some unsavory rumblings about one of the Hyenas. And even though I can’t stand her and I’m in awe in how she becomes a more terrible person each week. Like a restart in a comedy show.  I heard that Q-ball and she had a falling out. I am uncomfortable stand near or around q-ball. If I ever met a drier person in my life, I feel like if I rubbed any part of her body together she would go up in flames, which I would not mind.

She always asks me why I am acting one way or another.   yesterday, she asked me why I was walking like I was uppity. And she mimicked my walk, with her chest puffed out and her nose in the air as she exaggerated her arms swinging. And it was a good impression of me. But she’s shaped like a balloon with the face of Bubba Shrimp from Forrest Gump. she’s way off.  I really like C and I really like V they have always been very nice to be and they’re fun to be around. When I see them with q-ball, I get upset; it’s as if they’re too cool to be hanging out with her. They are excessively cool to have her tagging along with them, but it is the way it is. I just find her to be it is not as she is gross; the only thing gross about her is her dryness, her dry way of existing in this world. I do not know her, and I don’t plan to get to know her. Because, why?

Sometime wonder what it would be as if I went to a different school, I would probably run into the same kind of people

I was thinking about the all-for-them pack. They are nice people when they are just alone, but when they are all together they’re a big mess.

I should forget about it and get ready for the upcoming season.