Is still ugly outside and it’s still ugly inside the halls too. This is the time of year when many people let their friendships go to waste because of boys, girls, and rumors. Boys and rumors, I like both of them separately, not together.  I would not want to be a part of a rumor, or a rumor about a boy.  That would be bad. I am bad because I like hearing about rumors. It is a great way to see how people feel about the person they are telling a rumor about, I can care less about the actual rumor sometimes.   so it’s hard to not believe a rumor, but I always look at a person and think “yeah, I can see them doing that” when there is a rumor about them, but sometimes, it’s just seems too crazy.   People add in what they add in on people depending on how they feel about the person. I heard two people tell me the same rumor and two different way they described the action.

Inspector, who told it to me first, well I heard it first from her, she was telling other people. said something crazy, but the action that was described was bad. Later, when MissVain told me, well, she did not tell me directly, I was standing close enough when she was telling other people. When she said it, it was positive; it was ok that it was a thing that happened. Inspector, I was somewhat surprised when she put a bad spin on it, I was shocked, I thought, I do not know what I thought, and I thought she was better than that but we all do stupid things.  I think her and PattyPout are friends, or just teammates, I do see them a lot, and I was surprised that she would go around and talk about her teammate-friend like that., I thought they were friends, but I guess not.

MissVaine made it seem like PattyPout was the woman of the hour, week, month and year. I was surpised in how she decribed PattyPout messing around with some dog-faced junior.  I don’t see MissVain and PattyPout hanging out, but I do see that guy and MissVain laughing with eachother, so that may be a thing to wonder about. I wonder if there is something going on between MissVain and that person, he reminds me of those jackasses you see on that show jackass. he dresses like those people on jackass, I wonder if he rides dirt bikes. I would start a rumor about that, but who would believe it? Other than me.

The Junior FatFish is hardcore for no reason, why does he always need to be so hardcore? He can relax from time to time, he’s so angry and fat all the time. Is he mad that he’s fat? Or is it because he fat, therefore, he has to be madallthe time. I don’t get it.

Valentine’s Day was uneventful at school; well for me it was uneventful. I like this Hallmark Holiday because it brings out who is seeing who and who is upset about it. I saw LateStart give FriedEgg some flowers, and I thought that was sweet, everyone thought it was sweet except Tart. You should have seen her face; she wasn’t looking at me starting at her which is good, because that has been getting me called out a lot. but I saw LateStart uncomfortably give FriedEgg the flowers. The kind of way he was doing it made it seem like it was forced, as if it was a way for showing that he chose between them, because I would not want Tart looking at me that way. That was a complete look of death, and I never seen anyone look at anyone like that. It was so hot, it was crazy. Tart should know that her valentine’s day comes the week after. He’s seeing both of them, and she mad at FriedEgg. I guess. I would be mad at LateStart, he’s not even cute. But he’s here giving out flowers

Today BottomRinger was laughing at something I said. I don’t know her for what I said to be that funny. And it was one of those loud, fake laughs that people do when it is not actually funny. She seems like a nice girl, she’s a freshman, and I know that is tough being a freshman, but its second semester. And what I said wasn’t that funny. No one laughed as loud as she did, but she went away screaming laughing. It made what I said– I wish I didn’t say it. It was weird how loud she was laughing. We needed to move on and talk about something else but she just kept laughing. The Crew was looking at her like why is she laughing like this, and I couldn’t tell them. When she left to go pretend with her fellow freshmen, we were all standing there for a minute confused.

I don’t like when my friends, bring around their friends, and their friends act like they are my friends. We are not friends. I always want to stop them in the middle of what they are trying to say to me, and tell them:

We are not friends. You know my friend, but that does not make us friends. You do not even like half the things I say, and you never come up to me when it is just you, but you do when you’re with my friends that when you want to call me ekeh and that does not make us friends. That makes you B team.  If life was a play, you would be a supporting understudy to the extra.

Every year, there seems to be more fake black people on campus. This year everyone is wearing a doo rag on their head and flossing. I must of missed something, and its always the same people the at pretend to be black that have the same black friends, there is a group of single black friends, the black friends do not talk to other black people.  We are not even supposed to have things on our head. Unless its religious or cultural reasons. Every year someone comes out and has to pretend that they are the stereotype of a black person. And don’t understand it; why not pretend to be a black person that is actually with other black people? And it’s the same ones who tone it down when they walk past Africa, but as soon as they get to the island, they turn their fake black persona up. And then they get mad at me when I look at them funny. I don’t think it’s wrong to play dress up, but at least explain to your friends you’re looking to pretend for a while, as soon as it no longer suits them, they’re going to go back wearing their pants up.

Mrs. Garcia is a miserable woman. She and her daughter are nothing alike, or her daughter going to turn out to be  just like her. Natalia is our soccer coach. And Junior Varsity does not nearly have the pressure as varsity soccer. Mrs Garcia and Mrs. B are tense with each other sometimes, it’s so weird, and I like having Mrs. B for PE. She says she lives with her roommate, it’s ok, she can say girlfriend because I don’t think she has a boyfriend,. I don’t even think she likes boys.
She great for teaching PE, but she’s terrible for coaching, at least that is what I hear, that she is kind of a clique person. Which I don’t know but if it’s true, she is too old to be a clique person. Coach A does that at track sometimes, he favors some of the sprinters and the hurdlers.

Track is going to be great this year, I am going to do better than I did last year, and it’s going to be so much fun. But some people are destine to come back and that makes me all disgusted again. Some of the people that run are good but they are so negative, and its hard being around someone that is mean for no reason. Oilslick is mean, but her brother is super nice and he is cute. Maybe that is why she’s mad that she has an older brother everyone likes, and she has to bully people into liking her. I do not know, but she will be there for sure, with her little annoying pet that is always following her around and praising her for no reason. If her pet knew how much she talked bad about her behind her back, she wouldn’t want to follow her around, or be her pet. I just don’t like her. Last year, she walked around campus as if she was a big time winner, not to mention she didn’t make it to CCS last year, don’t even think she saw past league finals. I made it I didn’t walk around like that. I did not even walk around; I stayed my butt at one place, because it was the right thing to do. No, not her, she was acting, as she was the queen of the track even though she could not even get a seat at the royal court, not even at the kid’s table. She sucks.  She makes it uneasy to be around. I wish I were brave enough to tell her to lighten up. But I’m not, I’m just going to have to ignore her.

Speaking of ignore. I saw that CheeseHead was ignoring FlapTrap. I wonder if they broke up because that is sad. I saw they would have these tense fights sometimes during lunch, and it was like a high school soap opera. I think all their frends knew that they fought a lot and was just use to it, but I was always staring at their train speeding to crash. They seem to get together and break up a lot. The juniors are very emotional, they seem to be very emotional people all the time. It is not that bad. I wish the morning announcement can tell the juniors that is not that bad, some of them have cars!  I wish I can trade HryCottie for a cool junior. Today she showed she hasn’t changed by complain that she is ugly. I hate when beautiful girls that can get any guy at this school and has all the guys In love with them, find time to cry that they’re so ugly. Yeah, Right. Get some self-esteem. It’s always the same bunch too. They say horrible things about themselves then turn around and let you know that despite them saying that they think they’re ugly, they want you to know that you’re still not a pretty as them, and all the guys still like them. I have heard HryCottie, say something mean about her, while making sure someone knew  that someone thought she was pretty (“I don’t know why he would think im pretty” she would stay, oh stop, I would think).  If I were beautiful like them, I wouldn’t say anything. I wouldn’t make noise about my appearance because it would just show.