This is a paper I turned in to English, I do not remember what I was supposed to write about, but essentially, I got a huge F on it. It was completely off topic and the content was “unsuitable”.



We should always do the right thing, doing the right thing is always right. I do not think it is very important to do the right thing at time, why do the right thing when you have power, why not use the fame that comes around with the power. If I wanted to do the right thing, I would not need to tell people, I am doing the right thing. Because I would be famous, and you do not have to worry about being good or bad when you are famous.

When you are famous, you can define what is good or bad by your standards, would your fans will not question that. I would have my friends who are good at writing at the newspapers, so they can write good things about me, all the time

Fame will rob me of my imagination, because I would be living it

The only “No” that mattered, would be mine.

Being famous wouldn’t be hard for me, I would sell myself out and short In order to ensure my name was is big and eternal. The name is more important than I am.

It would be hard to decide who gets in my inner circle, and who gets close to me for a chance to get in my inner circle.  Who gets in my inner circle is not as close to me as the ones who are close to me that will never get to know me.  Who gets in my inner circle would be more important to show the press than who gets close to me. Who I am linked with would be more important to who I might be in love with.

My best friends would sign no disclosure agreements.

I would a master at staying popular to millions of people while suffering alone in my home in Malibu. Fame can also be touch, but you would have opposed always telling you want to say.  Fame is similar to popular people here, they can be terrible people, and no one cares because they are popular. It is fame on a very small scale.

I would run into people like Halle Berry, and leave them fending for their life like Ted Kennedy.

Pass people off like chips I am losing at a poker game. When I stay famous for long enough, relationships becomes an intimate genuine, contractual obligation that would have to be fulfilled to get full payment.

I would have a public personal life that would be endearing to the fans, and a secret life I would protect with lawsuits, settlement, and retractions in tabloids.

Fame would get me the kind of friends shipped from city to city, internet executive to television executive, Charity basketball games to film festival. Glittered passport stamped in exotic time zones.  Meet mistress offshore; give 40000 to for a piece of them at night because I saw the person on a movie screen. Bizarre yacht, filled with bizarre people, languages, and food.  Only to toss it all away because I have an addiction
Display gross amounts of wealth and opulence while I demand that my privacy be respected.


I would keep the people that I love at a distance and my assistance close to me, because when I’m famous, I need to know the people around me can’t contractually talk about me to the media.

If I was famous, I would let it ruin me, the same way I see how being a little popular can ruin normal people. Fame would go to my head, because I have no prior experience with fame.