Eight: Too Old


The seniors look old to me, they are very old, they also seem like they are mad at the time, some of them seem like they’re mad all the time. I even know things are not bad all the time. Somethings are very good. There are very good things that happen, and sometimes very bad things that happen.  I wonder if the Juniors are going to be like this, I wonder if my class is going to be like this too. But I think there is going to be better because we will be older. Maybe it’s going to be stressful because the seniors are always seemed like they’re stressed out. Especially PrincessNasley, she is perpetually looking stressed.

Today, HryCottie was not complaining today, I was thinking that today was her birthday, but I do not know, but then again, I do not know anything about her at all. I saw that leathery face dingbat try to talk her up today. I was kind of wondering why she was so nice to HryCottie when she says HryCottie is stuck up and she thinks she better than everyone.  I think they’re friends, but it seems like they’re friends one minuet, and awkwardly avoiding each other the other minuet, I wanted to ask if they were fighting again, but what if she said that they were not fighting? That would  be so terrible.

It would be hard to be beautiful; people treat you differently when you are beautiful. One way, it’s nice that people think that you’re beautiful, like Quinn from Daria, but at the same times, people are automatically mean to you because they can think you’re stuck up, like how Sandy treats Quinn from Daria. It seems like whether you’re pretty or ugly, some is going to think something about you that’s not true.

I wonder how do some people have boyfriends, I was looking at a show, about a girl and she had a boyfriend, and thought that was cool. But that would be scary too.  Some girls I see making out with their boyfriends furiously during lunch sometimes. I hope that’s not a part of the requirement because it seems like It’s uncomfortable. Me looking at them doing that at least.

There was a lot of sitting done today. I saw ShortTerm today at school.  She was with some guy sitting close and kind of hugging. She said that was her boyfriend. He didn’t go to our school, or any school for that matter. Why would she be with someone that doesn’t go to school?  She asked if I wanted to go with her to hang out with that guy and his friend was supposed to be there, but I didn’t go. I had practice, but it was weird that she wanted to go with him. He didn’t seem like the kind of person that would have real fun without having to make a “thing” out of it.  He just looks like he has to be hard all the time.