It has been sometime back, welcome spring, and won’t I forget it. Spring means that winter and spring sports and school are counting down to being closer to over. In no time, I will be back to doing nothing in the comfort of my own home.  Once that comes around, I’ll get bored and wish I was doing nothing at school again, until that comes around. I welcome this viscous cycle of wondering what would I have for lunch, and where I plan to be alone for a bit.

On Wednesday. IslandRandom#6  decided to announce that she was sparing my feelings—bless her– by telling me , “don’t make me say something umm, (she did an exaggerated pause) don’t let me say something about you that will have you upset.”  I thought,’ is her way of dancing for dollars in front of the hyenas she’s trying to impress?  Is this how it will be this semester?  Because last year, she would give me tips on fixing myself in super passing as if she didn’t want anyone to know she was telling me that I was dusty. Now, the role is to perpetually tell me “I know something you don’t know.  I know it’s mean, but I won’t tell you I know, but know that others are saying mean things about you, and I participate in it, because I know, but you don’t” number, how fun.  I keep complaining at home that I go to school with many shallow, stupid people. I am not a stranger to someone saying that to me at this school.  At this point, I want to give out auditions to the best person telling me, that they are “helping me” by not telling me something mean. IslandRandom#6   said it in front of a lot of people. did it in front of ColgateFresh too, and I was so embarrassed. .

I don’t understand her exact train of thought is.   They know something mean about me, but they won’t tell me.  I don’t think what they can tell me is any worse than what they say behind my back, to make that statement something to ensure that the next time, I say or do something wrong, she can act on their warning. Bitch. That’s what she is.

What can possibly be meaner than threatening you have, premeditated telling me something that everyone laughs about behind my back? While throwing who ever thought was safe to tell you terrible things, under a truck as it goes over a speed bump? I don’t think there’s anything meaner that.  not only is she mean, but she is also not a decent friend to the people she is desperately trying to impress.

She rather propose blackmail than actually tell me.

They tell me mean thins about IslandRandom#6.I guess we’re even In

I’ll say this; it’s a good thing that some people are efficient at this place, because they can tell you they’re shallow, dumb, and bad at holding secrets in less than 15 seconds. No matter where I find myself at the school., there is always one, like Highlander.  There is a skill in being that mean.

I had no comeback; I do not even know what I did to make her say that. She just looked at me as if she was saying ‘I thought so.’  She was right. She knows

I hate how some people act like they like you when it is just you and them, but when they get in a group, they are mean to you, and only you.  IslandRandom#6 does that, it drives me crazy. She is really nice and funny when it’s just us, but when she gets in a group, she says and does things like this.  I don’t know.

The only things bullies have are followers too scared to do what they want to do on their own.