I let go of the idea that I was going to work hard in Math today, and I am going to take a C if I can get it, if not, then that is ok too. I am passive aggressive when it comes to my existence as a student.  I just really hate how school gets in the ways of what I am really trying to learn.

Today, I was standing with; the others who I guess are my friends, when the leader of the One Trick Pony Brigade (OTPB) Mr. Stereotype spits “I see you’re still wearing your mother’s jacket”.

I thought, of course  I like this jacket, it keeps me warm, and plus, I like the color, it’s not even my mother’s, but it’s  because it’s big and because I’m standing there, this guy seems to have issue with my jacket. I have an issue with his use of social promotion, because he is not my grade because of a C- approach to his academic career, he too is a sophomore because he plays football and basketball, and you know that is a thing around here. You can be an asshole all day long to your classmates, but as long as you play sports. And as long as you’re good at it.

So never, mind that Mr. Stereotype can’t read, write, or even grasp the concept of basic literacy skills. I was with my “friends” and nothing, they couldn’t say anything. They didn’t want to not jeopardize being cool, and some giggled at this big mean nobody laughing with his cronies clucking like country hens in the background about my jacket. I was going to get mad at them, but I thought that this is all the attention they are going to get from this stupid guy without touching him or taking their clothes off, so they need me to burn more than they need to be a friend.  I get that, but all that silence for a guy who won’t pay you half he pays to his morning erection (bio was gross today).I wonder about this place.
I have many people in my grade that hang out with juniors and seniors but they should know the junior or seniors do not like them as they think they like them. Today at lunch, I was looking at Headmistress gawk and flock around the bougie juniors like the decrepit old hag happy to relive her youth, but little does the hag know, the kids are using her, and that is all right.  The other day, at lunch I saw as soon as her back was turned to go do something else. All the girls started laughing and making fun of her. Especially OilSlick
I don’t see why Headmistress likes OilSlick. She is a bitch. And I hate to call people that name, oh well. She was so mean for no reason to me last year, and she would always find slick ways, to put me down. You would think she would know what a championship was like, the way she likes to make fun of me, but if I remember correctly, she wasn’t on the bus to CCS finals last season. She was at home, donating her oil to Saudi Arabia. She’s not a friend, and she loves to find ways to put people down that she doesn’t suppose are her “equals” but she does this and no one seems to catch on to the fact that she’s a terrible person. So I guess, plus she has more friends than me and people like her more, so who am I to ‘say anything wrong and I’ll destroy you’ kind of person.  I choose not to get to know her, I am not going to get to know her, and I have to do nothing but tolerate her close quarters for a few months out of the year.

I can’t stand the juniors because of BigBitch and ChangePurse. I think they are the worst of the worst kind when it comes to juniors. If they were on fire, I would get marshmallows. I would not even report the fire. Never mind that BigBitch  is struggling in some of his sophomore classes, I wouldn’t say much to anyone about anything. I would sit quietly and do the work that was required of me, but no. He’s loud and he’s proud about his situation. He is proud because making fun of other people makes him proud…  I would be mostly silent, if I was a junior that kept the sideline warm, in sophomore classes. I do not know. I am not him. Everyone else seems to like it.  They think he’s funny.


What I really do not like at the island, are the people who really are not good at sports have the most to say about other people playing sports. And it’s weird to me, because we have many sports teams that depend of the health and preservation of one or two people. Not like track, if you suck, that won’t matter, all you do is hold up the meet as you finish your race in after last place. What’s embarrassingly excellent is when we cheer for the very last place person, Like “good job, you did it, now we can move on with the meet 4 hours later because of our no cut policy…” I am just ready to get clapping for the last place at everything people; at least they come out and try something out to get a picture in the yearbook.

Otherwise, why else would they be out for track? Other than college applications and yearbook photos.

The down part is the practices and school amount of people that call me by my last name, solely my last name I bet you some people don’t even know my first name, I’m sure they’re thinking it’s Kesha. But they say [my last name] you run fast” and I smile. Knowing that I don’t run, I am a jumper. They cannot even get their fake interest in me long enough to keep the lie straight.


This was interesting the other day. I was listening to HryCottie talk to SpaceErase about how ugly she is. Funny, she was crying about how ugly she is when she gets one or two advances from the boys around here a week, from my count, at least.  I have seen JuniorGeriatric try and fail every other month trying to ask her out since I’ve known them in middle school. I have seen guys ready to fall down on a sword to make her happy, and yet, she thinks she’s ugly. I think that’s so sad and weird at the same time.

After school, she was walking by in her practice clothes. She must of felt all of us look at her, because she looked unconformable, I was going to say hi, but then I saw everyone looking at her weird. I said to me ‘whoa, what did she do?’ or was I not suppose say hi to her?  After she walked away, FrogItch said ‘why she wearing booty shorts, to show off her flat ass? She thinks she’s all that’ and I said she was ‘at practice, and I didn’t think she thinks she’s all that’ Frogitch told me I was an ass kisser, and a liar. Why would I lie about someone going to practice? I saw her at school that day, she wasn’t wearing that, she was wearing her street clothes. And then, FrogItch said she was HryCottie was ugly. I think FrogItch hates all the girls at this school, because she has never said once nice thing about another girl at this school.  It was weird how, she didn’t do anything but walk by and she looked like she think she’s all that. I didn’t know how Frogitch knew she thought she was all that. I thought she looked uncomfortable because all of us were looking at her.

I don’t know a lot of things here, but I know when someone can be a little jealous of someone else.