FratParty thought he tagged me today in English about pretending to know about football. He interrupted me as I was trying to talk to Travis. FratParty was yelling I don’t know anything about football, and I said….’yeah’. He said.’ How many players on each team?’ really up in my face and rude. I gave him a stupid answer, seriously. And said ‘I don’t know, six’. And he got wild and loud saying he told everyone I don’t know anything about sports. And I didn’t say anything. I just listened.

Anything. That what I would do to get him to go away from the conversation. Anything.  Even if that means to lie to him. It makes me look bad, but I do not care.

I asked once in why he is around this area, I can‘t verify his sport. I asked Flor what was his deal and she looking at me with such disappointment.  Everyone loves Flor, and Flor is cool with everyone. So that didn’t work, and one thing about Flor, is that everyone loves her. And that would be weird for her to blast someone, in public. I ended up talking to Anya about it in French, because Anya can’t stand him too, and that is just makes me so happy. According to, Anya.  I guess he played a sport, I don’t remember what she said, because Andrew walked by and we both got distracted. I can’t see him playing anytihng but safe, with the way his ankles look.

I’m mean.  I have to accept that he too is love, just as someone loves the hyenas that someone is not me, but someone does love them. And I have to accept that. It is weird that I have to accept that, it makes my body shrink.

The E building has many cute guys in there, it is very overwhelming, but also with the cute, you get the ugly and the E building has many ugly there too. I have two Hyenas in my class including FratParty. And that’s all E, baby. All E building. Travel and Tourism is fun, but it suck sometimes, because of the kind of people you get in the class, it is great, but it is terrible at the same time too. I have all my friends here, well Flor, Carmichael, and Anya is not in travel and tourism, but we can’t win everything all the time.

I was thinking how Mr. Henninger looks like General Eisenhower. I actually like his class, he puts history in lame-man terms, and he makes the points short. What is annoying is his gum policy. I can’t chew gum in class. One time, he caught me 5 times in one period. I know I was being annoying to my classmates because he always had to stop class and tell me to throw it away, and bring out his sheet and dock points.  We were discussing French history, and it was the French revolution. This school is tightly under factions of monarchies, no one is interested in a revolution. We love our oppressors.

The way I feel about that is the same reason why I keep getting points taken away. I would have a super A in his class I if I didn’t pull small stunts, but I pull small stunts so I don’t have a super a. I am pretty close to a mediocre C. As long as I have grades for track, I do not care.

Geometry was the worst today. I was kicked out of class because I was chatting. So I don’t mind Mr. Tran. But I am a jerk to him for no reason.  It’s just I have his class at a bad time, usually right before break when and I have things to say I’m not doing well in his class, so I have to pay attention, but it’s kind of fun to play around in class, but it’s hurting me because I’m not doing well in this class. I like to have fun, though. But not fun in class, I should be learning, but my friends are in class with me. Well, expect one hyena. She knows my name when I see her at Nigerian Events, but at school, she under the guidance of the main hyena CroMagnon Shenzi.  (The only difference between her and the actual Shenzi from the movie is her sloping forehead, and everyone at school says she is one of the prettiest girls at school, with her attitude and forehead, and I say “oh” and I have to make sure I am still smiling.)    So she doesn’t speak to me. She’s the kind of person who won’t say anything when others are talking about you. But she will tell you, you guys are friends. She’s that kind of person, because she lies to Ariana that she’s her friend.  She is not a friend to Ariana. Not one bit.