Four: Low Mood


(this is what I wrote September 11th)

The mood is really low, my dad had CNN on as usual, but the news is saying we were attacked by terrorist. There was a terrorist attack in New York City.

I did not take it seriously, until I had history and it was the only thing playing on the news. Mr. Henninger looked worried and the class was silent and still, I was late and that was  just gross. But the class, but class was very silent and still. Everyone was watching the news as they played the plane crashing into the building over and over again.

The Pentagon was destroyed too,  or some of the building was destroyed. Even so, that’s was so scary. All those people and the families, that’s scary.

They show the planes crash in to the building, and I thought that was really graphic, people are dying on television, but not like in the movies, but in real life.

Break and lunch did not go well, no one was smiling really, and everyone was scared. Biology was somewhat dry today as well, and that is usually the best class. I like Biology and History, and  of course PE.  So I learned about this in history, and no one was really talking in biology, PE was sad because we had to run and I hate running. I hate running.

Honestly, today was scary.