[I didn’t write the date down, but it’s the day of the homecoming football game]

I didn’t think. I didn’t think I would say it but Mr. Black won all the awards for spirit week. He won. That’s it. Game over. Young people suck. He really did commit to every character each day. Except with the dancing came around, then he knew that he was a teacher, like he remembered he was a teacher and not a young person. Mr. Black would seem like a cool person to have at a barbecue.

So the rally was really fun too. I think it’s a set up that we play really bad teams for our homecoming, or is it that we are just that good? It can go either way. I read a lot about the football team in the Mercury News, but that’s all they talk about anyways, when it comes to high school sports. Well, that’s not true, that’s all we get coverage for, is for our Football team.

So today I was listening to two girls from the fishbowl talk, at least I think they were from the fishbowl, they were smoking. Can you believe it? And they were not excited about the football game, I can believe that. They said that it was stupid. And then, she was talking about Sylvia Plath, and I thought she was really trying for something, but she fell flat, it was weird that she knew about Sylvia Plath. I don’t think she hangs out at the fishbowl often, maybe on the outskirts of the fishbowl, where even the rejects reject you. That kind of thing. not that the fishbowl people are rejects, but they want to be known as rejects to the popular people, at least that what they act like  They’re all Listening to Green Day and MyPx and Blink-182, and so are we. So I guess that’s petty mainstream for people who say they are not mainstream. Anyways, I think she’s a poser just how she thought the whole football thing was for posers. Who quotes Sylvia Plath in the daytime? I thought that was really ridiculous of her, but it was apparent that I was being weird because I was sitting really close, and I don’t know them. So, they can think it was ridiculous for me sitting there. I and she are the same.

Lunch was irritating. I find FratParty to be not funny. Why do people not say anything to him? Why don’t people sit him down and tell him he’s not funny and he’s making people feel weird for knowing who he is. He’s only repeats people who are funny and the Chappelle Show over and over again; the only difference is he’s not funny Joe will say something, and it’s funny, then Travis adds in, and it’s funny, and then this fool adds in, and it’s like your cat brings you a dead bird for a gift ( I want a cat)*. And I guess no one wants to sit him down and give him that “now, look son” talk. No one is going to do it. And the way he talk about who is hot is disgusting, its like, do you really think you have a chance with any of these girls? Girls that have common sense? You have no rank or pull to be talking about anybody. But he’s always trying to be a Visa card when he’s actually a Discover card, and he’s accepted at very limited places. That also can be me just not being a fan, but I’m not a fan. So, I guess I can say he’s not funny and he’s actually pretty rude.  I hate when I see him in public near my friends because I have to walk by him. He’s every single wrong, horrible story you hear about college and the fraternity parties. You can see him in the black and white pictures before everything goes horribly wrong as they narrate the story. He’s that kind of person to me, and I can’t stand it.

I hate when he calls me by my last name as if we are friends. And I don’t know if he plays a sport. So why is he talking to me? And I hate when he says J-HOVA, that’s our thing, that’s not his thing. He should make up this own thing.

One reason I like homecoming is that its half way to preseason to track and field. So that’s something to look forward to. I like track the most because of the different schools I have never heard of. Track takes forever and I hate going to practice.  Other than that, I really like when you go to the meets and you see what other people are doing for warmups. It’s very different.  I like doing the Long jump, but I hate going to practice for it. Its like, why can’t I just jump? I already know what I’m doing, if going to practice means I get to see different schools and places, and then I’m ok with it. I just hate that more people take it seriously for me, and I don’t take it seriously. I guess I should take it seriously, but If I take it seriously then I won’t have fun and I’m not ready to not have fun.

I was thinking about what her name during Science, I don’t know her name actually; I think its Donna or something. I felt so bad for her. She has to slap on a brave face and cheer tonight. How does it feel knowing your man is gone from you as you rah-rah-rah? I felt bad because that must be tough, I was watching a show that had the same story, but the lady ended up killing her ex and the new girlfriend, so it’s not the same. And I was finding it weird that she would come to Africa during lunch. She looked so lost and scared to be there. It was like she was actually going to Africa. But it’s just a bunch of black people, no big deal, Other than a few bitches, but still. I thought. “Wow, she’s brave” but still. Why was she there? That was weird. It was almost as weird as what’s her other name saying BeakQuarterBoy was cute, eww, him? When there’s hot twins walking around? Not only are you dumb, but you’re also blind. I wonder about my friends. She only likes him because he plays football, but he has to take that helmet off. I just don’t like him. I think he’s rude. He acts like his nose is in the air, and it is, it’s huge, it’s two minutes earlier wherever he goes. I know I shouldn’t say that, because he can’t help his monstrosity, no that’s also rude, I’m mean, I just don’t like him. But still. He has a date to homecoming and I don’t. So there it is.

Speaking of kicking. Last year, when they drove around the track for the homecoming winner, there was a lot of dirt in the air; I wonder I should sit further back, since it may be the same thing this year too. I thought when I left Davis, The dirt track would be better, but as I can see. Davis was good to me.







**I put that in parentheses because it was in huge block letters with hearts and cat faces and everything.