One: Homecoming and Hyenas


and I am excited for the short day and the rally coming up. Mainly for the game. It’s going to be so exciting.

Everyone is getting ready for homecoming and… well, I will be there, but I will not have a date. I don’t have a date to homecoming, but on the bright side, I knew I wasn’t going to have one. I tried, but it wasn’t going to happen, and I knew that.

The closest I will get to homecoming court is working on the homecoming float. The homecoming committee ensures that their prettier friends are seen on the scene.  Court has already been decided. Everyone kept saying the same name for court and whom they would vote for, I think, we already said we are voting for these people and they are going to make it, so why do we have to talk about it. I did not say anything, they’re all good choices, I was agreeing too.  Besides, the only people that vote are the ones who hang out in the island, so everyone on committee as decided their friends are going to get on court

The only thing that runs more efficantly that homecoming court, are the pack of Hyenas getting ready to hurt someone’s feelings while looking dusty doing so.  I’m surprised the whole group was at school today. But they love to make fun of me, that’s what brings them together. And as they make fun of my hair and clothes, as if I’m not aware of what I look like.–im fully aware of what they i look like. And im wondering if anyone has taken the time out of their day to tell any of the hyenas that they love them, because how mean and rude they are, I bet anything their parents don’t.  I guess the other people at Africa might, but I bet they do not either. I try to wonder why I get that from them. I don’t look great, for them, but I’m looking great, just for me, and I’m the only person who thinks so and that is not bad. .. And they don’t care, they see me as someone who can be easily picked on because I don’t retaliate or fight back. Sometimes I think I should, but then I remember, our cheerleading teams do not travel for competitions, bur our sports teams do, and if the cheerleaders do indeed travel, not one morning announcement congratulating the cheerleading team on placing in the top 500, not in the top anything. The hyenas are not going anywhere but home every day. Or if they are going to a sport practice, I don’t think any coach would put them in the game I don’t even think the coach acknowledge they’re on the team, But they have to or they get fired from the district.

Something was stupid today, you know what, I’m tired of Frog itch, she was like “aww why are you looking at me?” and I didn’t say anything back to her. But I thought it was stupid because, I thought in order for her to see me looking hat her, she would had to be looking at me, and I wasn’t even looking at her. It is like, I try to be nice, but sometimes, I just wish I had the words to sit down and tell her that she means nothing to me. Last year, she made me cry, this year, she is pretending like she didn’t anything wrong and is all nice and buddy buddy with me., I wouldn’t need her apology anyways, because she’s fake and the only reason why she’s popular, is because she going out with that turtle headed ass faker.


I have some homework, but I might not do it. I saw Swim fan. It was so stupid, this person is a swimmer and he cheats on his girlfriend with some stalker girl Well, you did sleep with her so you might as well deal with her. I can’t believe the guys; girlfriend took him back, he cheated, are not going to reference that. It was stupid.