I do not get “positive vibes only” people, or folks who complain that things are “always so negative.”

You get what you seek out, boo. Did no one teach you about confirmation bias?


Right now, everyone is on their grown folk business on social media, and the way I see it. If you do not like the discussion, you can always go back and sit at the kids table, no one is forcing you in your booster seat.  You don’t have to be here.

It is interesting whom these positive vibes people have the tendency, to do whatever one else is doing. Which is point out the social issues that are detrimental to a group of people, regardless of ethnicity or sex, so it is negative when others do it, but when you post, the same exact article, what are you doing? Bring on the negativity that you’re calling for an end to? Or are you highlighting things that need to change? School me, I’m willing to learn.

The reasons we have all these issues, because as you call for only positive vibes, you’re also calling for deflection. Which is rife in our society today, we can’t get anywhere, because people like you don’t like the truth. It hurts too much for you. I get that, however, if that is the case. Why we homies then?

I do not want only positive vibes kind of people- I want the full range. I need my people to have a human sentiment to them, whether good or bad. It takes all kinds to make the world go round.

Right now, things are a mess, and I rather have an open wound that would heal correctly, than by doing it your way, which is ignoring the injury all together, because it’s sad.