(Iyana vanzant clap) Y’all listen….


I don’t get how some womenzzzz throw out there that I must be a lesbian because of my interactions with some guys. As if, it is an insult.


Oh, so let me get disrespected because that’s hawt out here in the streets. For you…for you…that’s hawt. But naw, it’s too cold for me.


On top of that, this girl is going to “advise” me to “tone it down”

“You don’t want a man being intimidated by you, do you Steph?”


(I hate when people call me Steph when speaking on some fuck shit)


(Inside chuckle, didn’t I tell you no one likes the perception of a “strong woman”, girl I am not strong, I just like what I like)


I was nice:


“Now look Sis, You advertise yourself like people do Lamps on Craigslist for Tinder or whatever, and you get fucked over so much, your clit is no longer with you, it left your body (in my Nene Leaks Voice). You are talking nonsense to me about how to get guys, and your clit is at home chillin, reading a book. So, Girl, what’s tea?”


Well, we are not speaking.




If I did not “change” in high school to get people interested in me, why would I change now that I am damn near 30?


To me, if you have to change yourself, or getting with someone in the hopes of changing them or vice versa. That’s a loss. A big one.