Shush It, please!


I did not know you could tell a woman’s sexual orientation by the amount she lifted.

…but then again, I learn new things every day in this wasteland

Listen, I really like guys: they look good and smell great

Hell, I have some guys on my timeline as “friends” only because I have that “well, one day…” kind of feel for them.

However, some of you guys really know how to ruin the gym experience.

You really do.

Like…seriously If It is not something lame, like marking women based on your insecurity. It is the hyped “LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT LITTLE I KNOW” proclamations.
Moreover, it is like. “Man, its hard being straight when I’m faced with this kind of nonsense”


I like men that let me be I without trying to change that based on what he likes. And that seems to be asking too much these days.


Why can’t you change into what I like and shut up and lift?