I learned from an early age


That people love me when I am cracking jokes, giving them knowledge, or defending them. However, they hate it when I try to personalize our friendship. Meaning, I am not a friend, I am a character, looking to fill that stereotypical role as they see fit. As long as it’s not damaging to their own frail existence


I have seen “good friends” to throw me under the bus in order to save face for people they talk shit about. Then, turn around and get mad at me for not defending them when they are clearly in the wrong.  “It’s about being there for each other,” The person would yell, as they go on and on how we need to stick together

Like you were never there for me. Got it.


I have seen “homies” disregard my feelings, saying I’m starting “too much drama” yet, clap their hands, (YASS) and say “he deserved it” when another woman was trying to physically fight someone over something he said.

Someone said something to me that same night at a bonfire…but I guess it is different because I am not a person and I do not pillow princess my way through life.

It is it the hue variations, and the conditions that come with that that would make someone defend someone for trying to physically accost someone, while on the other hand, chastise another for looking for a friend to vent to.


Things and people are different, but why not just say, there are different levels to the respect that are had for different people.