I find it odd that mostly men find a way to speak up on topics that have nothing to do with the topic I am talking about, primarily post about woman of color and some of the issues we face.

They are infecting my comment section with what they are compelled to talk to me about: Which is nothing.

“Bitch, you are not saying anything”.


I thought you people had girlfriends, women your dating, women that think you’re cool no matter what stupid shit you say and do, women you are lusting after, or Instagram models that never talk to you back, to tell these things.  Why come to me with your nonsense? Come on now!

I hate myself that I have to be nice about it, because knowing these people, their actually frail, as if they need ‘round the clock medical care’ frail. Like the kind that may kill you if your laugh too had at their shortcomings. These kinds of men give me that kind of tease.

They all look the same, without looking the same, if you catch my drift.

They either give you a “hey! It’s been rough over here for me, so I demand you take what response I give you”


“Let me fall flat on jokes (and personality) by completely veering off from what you are talking about to ask you about things that have NOTHING to do with the topic at hand. Because I can, and it’s safe because it requires no thinking, and it’s mainstream”

ORRRRR they give you lame hashtags, like #allpenisismatter, when talking about not falling for the okay dokie when it comes to men fetishizing your being.


Let me be real: I would be fine with it if I had a personal friendship with these people, but I do not. In addition, there is nothing more depressing, to me, than when, (what look like to me), a random person is to act as if we are friends outside of social media. Like what Mariah Carey said about Jennifer Lopez: “I don’t know her.”


Moreover, I do not. I do not know you like how Ms. Carey does not know Ms. Lopez. I know of you, a ‘like’ here and there does not equate to a long lasting friendship.  Like,


What they are really telling me is “Your thing isn’t important to me enough to actually put thought in what I’m going to say.  Therefore, here is some non-sense because if I actually do tell you what I think. Everyone is going to know the kind of person I am, and I have an image to protect and project. Plus, who cares what you think? I’m not attracted to you like that”


If it is “not like that, at all” Why do they not post their random bullshit on my wall? It would be easier if they kept their outward personal cries, lame jokes, and hashtags on a space that would call for it.

I do not understand why that is hard. Mostly when people post something, they want to illicit a response to what they post.


It’s a non-stop clown car driven by guys who would to be too “intimidated” to get to know me.  Not the person they see on social media.  Like, get the fuck out.