So, in my new #blessyourheart series


This white person felt compelled to give me a complete rundown of all the races/ethnicities he dated.

Then tell me he was “especially touched by this Nubian Queen” he dated

Like, your United Colors of Benetton: Vagina Edition, stories doesn’t make me say “OHH MY GOSH, YOU ARE SO OPEN, YOU CAN COME TO THE COOK OUT”

I was like that Mr. Krabs meme, looking around like “wait, where the fuck am I?”

My thoughts

What world does that make you think that is going to make me swoon?

Who are the idiots that have worked for? I want all their names and numbers

Well, you do not want to be a racist, but you showed yourself huh


Look, if you like someone. You like that person. You do not need to focus on what their skin color is like, or where they are from. Sure that is a conversation…no it is not…I lied.

It is just no one is looking for anything real and intrinsic when I hear things like this. What I hear is, ‘ You are a Fetish of mine, and I have had many fetishes from a lot of different places, but man, you are my find of overtly sexualized fetish.’

WHICH is a huge “run the other direction” for me


See, between whoever is reading this now, and me.  It’s hard enough to get…them, to see you as a person when it comes to everyday stuff, but they don’t see that. They see the skin color; all the stereotypes associated with it, and then proceed accordingly. It is gross and it is often.


It is like, at this point. You have to stop them and say, “well im actually a person, and this is creepy”

Because they are.