I am a little sad we had our last track meet of the season. However, the kids are all right.

They did amazing.  A couple of school records were shattered, like the spirit of Warrior fans, currently. The 6th grade boys, who were under, under, ‘nah, not even on the radar showed up and showed out.

They went from being laughed at by other schools, to laughing when they got their 1st place medals all-the-while remaining gracious and humble. Now, my kids know all about my shade policy (they know), however, they kept it low-key. All my kids were good at winning and los—well, I do not know about that, actually. They are good with not being too out there when they win and knowing what they have to work on at practice, when they lose. Without beating themselves up about it, this is important-I always told them they are worse off when they ruminate over a disappointment.

Mostly, I loved, loved, and loved, how supportive they were to each other.  at school, practice, and at meets. The kids made sure no one felt excluded or bad about themselves. Before this, I thought middle schoolers were terrible to each other, because I remember middle schoolers being terrible to each other when I went to middle school. Nevertheless, none of them was having that; they made it difficult for the ‘bullies’ to finish out the season bullying other kids.

I told them they made my middle school track experience look like ‘Mean Girls’ mixed with  ‘Basketball Diaries’, they didn’t get the reference, but the parents did, and I was there for it. Ahh, I am going to miss the parents. Home meets were everything because of the parents.

Coaching middle school track this year was challenging, interesting, stressful—everything. I learned a lot about myself, like for one, I am still not very competitive.  Like to this day, I treat track meets as if it is a way to get to know people from other schools and exchange information. Oh, and triple jump is the only event that matters.

I mean, there is the wording of emotional and spiritual fulfillment, but whatever. Like, we all know about the perspective shift when you do not work with kids, then you do and like your eyes are open to new things. So, no, I am not getting emotionally esoteric about it.  Coaching was fun.