Why do some “straight” men care about what the gays are doing?

If you are not into “that gay shit” then boy, why are you so pressed about “that gay shit” wtf? Moreover, to sprinkle the icing on the top of this, he says, “I don’t care what they do in bedroom, just keep it out my face.”

I said, “Well it seems to me the “gay shit” has been in your bedroom and face by the way you’re going on and on about it.”

Of course, I was ignored, as usual, but moving on.

I thinking, ‘Get your book out Stephanie it is time to read. And this time, speak up.’

I told him that he could come and tell me anything he feels that needs to be lifted off his chest.

He asked, “What do you mean?”

I told him, “I meant what I said, you’re not fooling me. Umm, I bet you have a Grinder. You are Stacy Dash-ing the hell out of yourself. Nobody would be this worried about other’s sexuality…unless they are wrestling with his or her own. But what do I know?” (I took a little sip of something- something, waiting for a slap to my face.)

Gggiiirrrrllllll, when I tell you that man was ready to punch me after I said that.  He was READY. He was ready to act out every fight scene, ever made in every movie in the world.

Because deep down inside, he knew he is a straight man from 5:00am until 11:30pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, with his DL ass.