This picture accurately depicts me between teaching the core and spin class this morning. Like, girl, I had fun, the participants were amazingly strong and upbeat and the best part was; everyone was up for the challenge. The class was like, “Girl, don’t let our ages and faces fool you. You better not lighten up on us!” I was like “OK I’m here for this, let’s get some music going and let’s get werking”.

HOWEVER, y’all! This sore. This special kind of sore invading my body. Nah, I do not know this kind of sore. Even in my past most “in shape” days, I have never been this sore and tired. I woke up from a nap; just…damn…Epson salt will be my new best friend.

I lost a client today, due to the class craziness and I gained some new friends and clients, due to the class craziness. In addition, you know what– it is ok. I think it was worth breaking out from my little personal training shell to take this on, it was nerve racking, yet liberating at the same time.

I knew I was done-ditty-done when I was too sore and stiff to eat my lunch after all the class marathon.