So, the home girl and I are yakking it up, reconciling our workout, and this pretty girl walks by. I’m like, “Oh, damn, her shoes are cute, she looking fresh to death”, my friends roll her eyes, come out of pocket and says, “She a hoe, look at the way she walks, she thinks she’s better than everyone.” I think to me, ‘oh, here we fucking go,’ I ask my friend, “Do you know her or are you assuming that because she’s cute?”

My friend goes silent.

I take her silence as her feeling guilty; I am like “Guuuuuurrrrllll, if you don’t snatch your insecurity, someone else will and exploit it. Don’t do her like that, you don’t know her”

We need to address stuff like that in the woman community. What I have noticed, is the cuter the girl, the worse things are said about her.

These days make me glad that I am considered ugly to many people. Women assuming stuff about women they do not know offend me. It usually degrading statements things about attractive women, or it is, ‘My condolences to your genetic makeup and life as a wretch’ to unattractive women.

We want women to be themselves, but only if it makes us feel secure about ourselves: That is not how it works.

We need feminism because we need to stop acting as if other women are our enemies.