Note: This was from 2013.  I must of been in a mood of some sorts.



I left my fears back home,

I don’t want them no more.

They suspected I was on that.

This shot is telling you that I’m on that.


I don’t want to seem so crass,

Mistakes are built to last,

I’ve emptied all my love too,

To feel the pain that I’m used to.


If I bring no love then, will it erase my pain?

If I show my scars then can I expose my shame?

I got longing right here,

I got the time right here.

The fears at home are just mounting every day.

to stay at home will be the game that I can’t play.

These fucking words that I’ll stick to

Will show whoever I’m in love too.


Listen please; I can give all of this,

Let me give all of this,

I need assurance in myself.


Tell me you love me,

Even though I don’t love me.