Outer Beauty

Allow me to impress upon you one reason I cannot stand celebrations of outer beauty.

We congratulate and debase others looks based on personal standards of beauty. It will always be. That is how human perception of beauty works. There is nothing wrong or right about it. I just think our standards are heavily manufactured because when we think of our “standards”, we have to be aware of where they come from and how we placate to our social propaganda to fostering these certain standards. In addition, while we are praising the “outside” for reaching our personal standards, we always tend to give ourselves a quiet “I suck” to not reaching the illusion we set up for us to chase, or maintain, depending on the individual. We need to praise our outer beauty more, and not be ashamed of it.


I notice when some people see another “more attractive” person, they say something either negative about the attractive stranger, or degrading about themselves. I have always wondered what was up with that. I would think ‘That person is doing the same thing both of us standing here, are doing, which is living. Nevertheless, because they look a certain way, you telling me they must be a certain way? Do you even know that person? If it is not mean, it is something mean to them. Which is never fun to be on the end of hearing someone not like them self. However, I think no one stops to think about the person they are judging. Just because someone is physically attractive, does not mean one is any more or less human. Heck, who you may think is attractive, may think you are more attractive. You just never know.

It can be difficult socially navigating shallow waters for an attractive person. This world is a two way street. To always live up to the standard that people has always set out for them. Can it be daunting to be always told you are attractive? To the point where it is conditioned to be a big part of their identity like, who they are personally is overlooked, or not taken seriously because the first thing other people stick with is their outer beauty. We do it to celebrities. Another example is thinking a happy attractive girl has it all, but really she is a clinically depressed bulimic, who all she wants is to be held and told someone is there for her. Alternatively, the handsome football player that has any girl he wants is really an abused, closeted homosexual, desperate for someone to listen to him, and not give suggestions, but to only listen.

How hard is it to take an objective look at ourselves and be ok with it? Why is it so hard to be ok with what we see in the mirror but get so hot or cold when it comes to others? Take the model they placed on a popular sporting publication. Everyone’s is jumping for joy because she is “plus size”. She is plus size because she needs a distinction that makes her like an “other” to what we are used to seeing in regards to bikini models, but also relatable because she is around the average American woman’s dress size.

The general praise is that the model being placed on the magazine is a step for social progress. Her size is mainstream worth as for sexual objectification by the masses. What we fail to realize is that this magazine still has gotten the slip with another conceptual of a manifested ideal of beauty. Therefore, the model gets no praise from me. Her picture is exotic, but mind you, they still had two other women on other magazine covers to reaffirm what the “real ideal” is. The “plus size” model is there to subjugate the message to other now “everyday women” that “Now that a woman is closely represented to you, if you don’t meet these body ideals, and then you suck.” It is more or less in a way of introducing us to another body type that is unique, due to the models actual measurements; somehow substantial because of her dress size reflecting many women in the US.

It is like, these days, one is only considered attractive if they closely represent what mainstream media has considered and approved of what is attractive. In doing so by the certain looks, features and physical characteristics models have. Hence, why all Instagram “models” tend to all look the same. It is like an industrial boom of processed human beings designed by a committee.

Beauty is tricky.