So, I cannot get with any “one type” is right of anything when it comes to women, beause I was in a sorority, once upon a time.

I love watching a person’s face twist and voice turn after I tell them I was in a sorority. It’s like “oh, but about a minuet ago, you were talking horrible shit about sorority girls, now that you find out I was “one” Now, not all girls are like that?” It is funny when some do it with race, but that is a different thing.

I get how some of the stereotypes are fitting—because stereotypes help, stupid people cope. I fancy to stereotype sororities as a diverse group of personalities hanging out–in the same letters. They are not all friends, but they all respect and mind each other. However, they all could be friends; I do not know how all sororities work. I can only speak from my experience (see what I did there?)

Nostalgia with a hint of shade: There are some, I wish I were friends with still. There are some, I wish I were never friends with, like, I wish I would of stopped hanging out with them the 50th time they back-stabbed me, but you know It happens. I think that is the part of growing up and knowing what you want from yourself, for yourself. Would I change the experiences? No, because going through stuff with people makes you think about how life works a little differently, at least I would hope so. You can’t only be around people you agree with about everything all the time, there needs to be some shake up, there needs to be some ideals formed and broken. All relationships change, and you have to know how to change with it. Nothing is meant to stay the same. I wish I can sing that, but I am no good at singing. Like, if I did not troll in my sorority time, I would not have known to appreciate that.

To me, expanding my ideas of feminism was fostered in the sorority backdrop. There are different kinds of feminism out there, so with that. Not one is the correct one, but you have to align yourself with the one that makes the most sense to you. Now, if you never had the urge to rush a sorority and you think it is stupid and archaic, that is ok too, that also a feminist thing. Nevertheless, what is annoying is once making itself better that the other, it is not.

After my experience in sorority time, I can never sit my ass there and judge another woman for her choices. Sorority taught me that. I mean, I will shade it, but for me to say she is better or worse for making her own decision, is not my style. At the end of the day, the main thing I learned from my time was you have to let people be, you do not always have to put your two cents into everything. Like, acceptance is really means, you fully accept someone for who they are and you are responsible for that acceptance.

There are some girls I know that do not dance, drink, smoke and cuss, and they are all right with me.

I know some girls that have bodies buried in exotic places place with drug money stashed, for their next spring break trip; they are all right with me too.

Then, everything in between those two extremes, are cool with me too.

What sucks is how some hate people stereotyping them for race, gender, or ideas. Yet, nave no issues doing it to another group they do not have direct experience with it. Until they find out that, someone they think, “Is cool” has done it “if I didn’t say anything you would still be talking shit, so, what is up with that?”

Gotta let people be.



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  1. Oh, I love when I’m at a goth club or a gym, academic symposium or gaming group and someone makes a sorority joke. I love the look of confusion and horror when I just chuckle and say, “Weird.. my sorority wasn’t like that. We had all different sorts of people.”

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