No Gym Rat Shall Prosper.

I am upset someone’s random uncle interrupted me in the gym to ask me “What I’m training for?”
(Then, proceeds to give me advice in how I SHOULD lift and what I need to focus on as someone in my mid-twenties. At that point, he tried it)
I said “A husband. I’m training for a husband.”
(Cuz why the eff else would I be working out, right?)
*head tilt*
*Kanye shrug*
“If you don’t take your misconstrued advice behind somewhere…”
Moreover, I told him I was 29. “I don’t age like a hot dog in a microwave. Because I let, people do them *other side head tilt*
Then, he gets mad and clap backs that I was rude to him.
Bish, I am not here for you, allow me to happen, in peace. Like, damn!
He kept saying snide things about me acting like a man, and I told him “You’re shaped like a used condom. I let you happen so, what’s up with this clap back?”
I let him happen to the point where his C-4 got him feeling like he can tell any ‘ole body what they need to do to ” as a woman in their mid-twenties.”
I can see why many women are not here for weightlifting, the unwarranted advice. Like, pukahontas.