I have always wanted to know what is up with not seeing many women in the weight room…

The weight room is where a woman can have the most fun; think of that meadow scene in A Sound of Music. However, catering to a more physically enduring need to dance and romantically twirl in an arid field—by putting the body through #gains.

I think the weight room can offer a release to pent-up hedonistic tendencies. A hot room full of sweaty people (All for secret cat like judging), displaying aggressive physical prowess with control, not to mention the extended eye contact with strangers. It is like a jungle full of species too novel and exotic to identify.

Amazing how some women would go through the ringer at a bar with gross drunk people, but not at the gym, where clear indications that you’re not some wilted flower by constantly challenging yourself to be better and stronger than before. The confidence in the weight room also transfers sweetly into other aspects of life. You will be surprised what you are ready to achieve once you make your dumbbell your friend.

Sta-wp. Get lifting. Say you’re “out here” put your hair up, don’t worry about being sweaty, that’s the cleansing process to get daily stress out, and actually feel better about yourself in a way that make you think you can move a mountain with one turn, push, kick, throw or lift.

Start Lifting.