The Late Introduction

As you may find the scribbles regarding my decent into eventual, complete madness. However, right now, this is my introduction to my existence as a writer still mercilessly chopping my way to get to some type of example of “the top”. I wish to express that I am thrilled in doing so in this manner. Like a robot getting a bath, I am confused on what is actually going on. However, I will say that my writing will sure get to a place where I would love it to go as long as I do not fall in the rapture. Meaning, as long as I do not stop writing (but I think, that my mind as a mind of its own, and that too wants to be a writer). I rather fail at it then not do it. So there you have it, my forward to my inward that expressed outward–in print.

I have no desire to write a bio. I hope the reader can get a sense of “me” in my writing (not who I am as a writer). Therefore, in return, I can get a sense of connection with people. I am not a good speaker, and I swim in my head to the point of drowning. This is my way of saying “hello, pleased to meet you”. Or, however the young people like to say “hey”.