I tried it.


I sat by and watched the darkness come in, soaked with minds and intellect like the great masters of my past. I begin to try to lie down, and let it come over me. I could not get still; the knowledge was unfounded in me.

I wish I would have stayed longed to get the message, but then again, I think I will try tomorrow.

The next day came and I saw the darkness over the hills. Dancing with the light in a spectacle fueled disaster, as the stars watched idly by begging silently for a turn to dance. However, as most wallflowers do, they let doubt strike within their hearts and responded staying perfectly frozen in place. I may have caught one darting across the sky as if it were running away from a crime. However, I was too interested in the darkness, and I wanted to try to lie down again to let it teach me something that I do not know. I am begging for it again. Yet, just as the most beloved thing in the room, it walked right by me. The darkness signaled me with a flirtatious glance.

I am the only one in love.

Sadly, my heart is broken again, and the darkness will not let me know the mystery to its beauty. I prayed for the darkness long and hard. To no avail, the darkness will not hear me calling.

Two days and a year after the seventh year of the second day had passed. I ignored the darkness and took notice in some light that was shining through. It was sparkly, like the most undeserved diamond in the rough. The one that made all the other flecks and specks look amazing when it really was a ruse. The Light tempted me into ignoring the darkness in sensual delight only felt by the temporality of my existence,

My essence was lost in love I never felt in true definition.

Doubt left by stars told me about that light, that it was dangerous. Yet, how can I be so sure? Where was I going to lay my head to let the light come over me?

As predicted- in the darkest realm of my mind. I did not have the lie down, the light stole me. I thought I was going to survive the nothing that came from my existence. My cursed throne I inherit. I wished for light because it showed me everything. I wanted the darkness when I felt comfort in the depths of my own personal kind of fantasy. The light won this kind of twisted battle.

I must confront my deeds done in the dark.