Maybe one day, I’ll actually finish this, and perfect it. Until then….


Father Mason pines for Reason

Young Stella, intrusive with madness, I am watching you.

Hunting lights of city shadows had eluded you from me, not anymore. Splashes of dark reflections highlight the night, as I bury you in peace. The unsuspecting rush I feel is still with me when I first made you my own; your screams were lust to my silence. I have been longing for your distinct type of mating call since your tender age of ten. When I first touched your fair innocence, as you confessed the sins of your Uncle. It is the ultimate ego boost now that my ears had a chance to ring from it. You were silly for trying to fight me, now you are with me in perfect luminescence. The unchangeable control I feel is immense—this truth is beauty. The struggle with confinement was new to you. I needed you to understand that was I have always imagined you. Nicely tied up, like St. Sebastian, as I stuck archery arrows into your fair weathered body. Forgive me at that time, what you called tortured I call love, but thank heavens we are still alone in our perfect romance. How deep I sank with pride, as waves of your amber hair tangled in my hand. I heaved you away and close like ores to my Ark. Brilliant and engaging were your insensitive eyes as they widened with wondrous terror, as you begged for mercy. What I am doing is mercy. Vibrant were the swirls of your blood on my hands, as if our oath was meant for something deeper. The bonded contract is will. Your brain matter is my nourishment; you are delicious in every aspect. I can still hear you gurgle for more when I slit your throat to explore the source of your beautiful voice. Your long, beautiful figures have been, made into crosses to wear around my neck with superiority over the Priest. Your heart, I have taken out of you, she sits upon my mantle for the entire world to see how big it was, a glorious reflection of you.

I have your still perfection as a sign of devoted obedience. Now wonderfully laid out like and eagle, for you to soar unto uncharted lands.

A blessed gift from Eros, dearest Stella, I relieved you of your mortal duties so I can take inventory of your worldly body, and cleanse your soul.

Fresh Stella, your too quiet for me.

It seems that in no time, the town, the media, your parents will have their judgment of my ardor for you; they will never understand why I come to devote myself to you in this manner. A man of the cloth also yearns for earthly delights. I have foisted my devotion into you. The good ones, as I, are always right. Hence, I am right for you Stella. For I am you–I pulled you close, wrapped you up tight, and bury the love I have given tonight. This is our destiny I needed to show how much I cared for you until this most holy end.

I love you, Stella.

Outsiders will try to ruin my favor for you, they will label me a stalker, that I had a sick obsession with you. The outside will taunt and magnify it. Prying mind will gossip why I went against my “duties”. The compulsion will always live on. I disassociate my memories of your cold, blue eyes and you fire soaked hair. I have always prayed for a warm kiss from you, only to achieve it now so cold. I know you cannot help it. It is no longer your fetish to deal with the real. Peaceful Stella, I will always yearn for you. Not one burial site is able to contain your beauty; never will your grave be as mundane as the rest scattered in my back yard. Not one artifact left loose like the others. You are so much more to me; the splendor is with you as the temptation dances with me. I have you Stella; your death certifies that I always will.